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All In One Bungee, Rockwall, Spider Climb and Slide

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All in One Bungee, Rockwall, Spider Climb and Slide


This ride is a crowd favorite and great for events and fairs.  Can accommodate up to 10 people at a time with three bungees, a rockwall, spider climb and a giant slide known as the spider climb.  Rent it so people can ride for free or charge and you can easily make money with this attraction.  Space needed for this attraction is 50′ X 50′.


Serving your party and event needs along the east coats including Delaware, NY, Pennsylvania, and Maryland.

  • Size

    50 Foot Deep and 40 Foot Wide

  • Power

  • Setup

  • Available

  • Ages

    3 years old and up

  • Operators

    3-5 operators

  • Occupancy

    25 at a time.

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