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Free Fall Tower with Bungee and Rockwall

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The Free Fall Device gives riders the sensation of a “free fall” while comfortably lowering them to the ground. The quickJump employs our eddy current magnetic braking technology to provide many benefits to operators and riders:

  • True free fall feeling: Our magnetic braking technology has been adapted to allow an initial rapid descent, giving the rider a true stomach-flipping thrill. Other systems require a relatively long ramp up period to get to peak speed and lack a true “free fall experience.”
  • Consistently fun descent: The self-regulating braking system has minimal variation in the descent rate of a child (at 35 lb/16 kg min.) and an adult (at 285 lb/130 kg max).


The participant is first centered on one of our inflatable trampolines, then secured in a custom adjustable harness by a trained operator. The combination of an electric winch and power cords allow the jumper to catapult up to 24 feet in the air! This combination system of lifting and use of elastimers dramatically enhances the jumpers ability to perform front and back somersaults as well as reaching heights that would normally be impossible. NO OTHER PRODUCT CAN COMPARE!

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This unit also has a 30 foot rockwall that one or two climbers can use.  The auto belay system allows the climber to scale the wall and drop down at a slow rate if they can’t reach the top!!!

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