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January 18, 2019
Mountain Top Zip Line Zip and Bounce

Mountain Top Zip Line Zip and Bounce

Fun Facts About Zip Line’s:

When you hear the word zipline, the first thought that comes to mind is adventure. Ziplines have become more and more popular over the past five to ten years, that in fact most people you talk to have been ziplining. There are ziplines practically at every event, party or vacation you go on, but there are many things about ziplines that most people aren’t aware of. Well Zip and Bounce will be your guide to all the right information and facts about ziplines and what it entails.

     Believe it or not zip lines have been around for centuries, but gained popularity in the late 70’s, when wildlife biologists started stringing cables from tree to tree to navigate through the rainforests. This led to the discovery in zip line tours and canopy as a means of ecotourism because scientists were able to study certain ecosystems without destroying the rainforest floors. Today, all you hear about is the adventure and thrill of the zip line experience and less and less of the ecotourism aspect on zip lining.

Ziplining is the most rapidly growing form of entertainment in the United States. The thrill of hanging from a cable hundreds or even thousands of feet in the air seems to attract “daredevils” to travel far and wide to zipline! With these modern marvels that are all over the world, they can bring the most adrenaline rushing excitement and are completely safe as well.

In the year 2011, there were less than 10 ziplines in the country, but the numbers have been steadily increasing in the last 8 years. There are about 250 officially licensed zip lines in the country, which include mobile ziplines that Zip and Bounce provides. They are roughly 35 feet tall and up to 300 feet long. There are quite a few private ziplines as well throughout the country but there is no estimate on what those totals are, but to give you an idea of zipline business, Zip and Bounce will share some interesting and fun facts about ziplining.

Six continents and 72 countries in the globe have commercial zip lines.

The only states without commercial ziplines are Mississippi and North Dakota, which means all 48 other states have a commercial Zip Line.

The longest zip line in the world is in the UAE’s highest mountain, Jebel Jais. It’s 2.83 kilometers long, which is equivalent to 28 soccer fields. It’s about 1,680 meters above sea level. It can handle one rider every 5 minutes because of it’s length!

The informal definition of ZIP is “move at a high speed”

A zip­­-line can also be referred to as zip line, zipline, zip wire, death slide, flying fox, aerial rope slide, and foefie slide.

Children in china use a zipline to cross a wide gorge to travel back and forth to school.

Zip and Bounce Extreme Engineering Fly Wire Zipline

Zip and Bounce Extreme Engineering Fly Wire Zipline


With all of this exciting and useful information about ziplines and ziplining, our three portable ziplines allows for some adventurous and exciting fun no matter where you are. We can come to you, whether it be at corporate event (company picnic), summer camp, festival, carnival, private event, wedding, or your backyard barbeque, you are guaranteed a phenomenal time. Visit us at Zip and Bounce to see if you are ready to bring us to your next event we travel all over the United States year-round.

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