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January 3, 2019
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January 22, 2019
Ferris Wheel Carnival Rides Carnival Fair Night

Ferris Wheel Carnival Rides Carnival Fair Night

When planning your big party or event, you can split in many different directions. But one of the top ways is to provide a large party a feel of a state fair or carnival by renting carnival rides.

Party rental companies for example Zip and Bounce can provide you with hours of entertainment.

Rent Carnival Rides

Back in the day the public had to hold out for the local fair or carnival to visit a Midway, businesses such as Zip and Bounce give everyone the chance to do it at a company party/ corporate event, college event or big neighborhood gathering.

The following are examples of some of the carnival rides that can be rented for your next party. In all cases, a qualified team from Zip and Bounce will safely set up and operate the amusement ride, leaving party guests and party planners with only one job to do: enjoy the ride!

Mobile Zip Line

Zip lines have become very popular over the years. Even so that they now no longer are only found in remote mountainous locations. They now have been designed to be portable by companies like Extreme Engineering. Even local amusement parks have a zip line, as do other amusement parks and the Las Vegas strip. Now, party planners have a secret weapon. The Zip and Bounce Mobile Zip Line stands thirty-five feet high and allows participants to strap on an over engineered harness and take a exhilarating ride along 170-300 feet of line. There’s nothing quite like soaring along 35 feet in the sky. Which is the tallest and longest mobile version on the market as of 2019. A stopping system allows for the rider to come to a slow fun stop, ensuring the ride is safe and fun for every thrill seeker who wants to give it a try.

V5 Ultimate Bungee Trampoline

In terms of fun, few inventions have been recognized as great as the bungee cord. This awesome ride takes it to up a notch for excitement. The ride can be set up with one to five bungee trampoline stations. Attached to special bungee cords and bouncing on an inflatable trampoline, the ride lets partakers 25 pounds up to 200 pounds fly as high as 25 feet in the sky safely. The more agile the rider they will also be able to do flips and somersaults as they bounce into the sky. This one is great for both kids and adults of just about all ages.

Bounce House / Moon Bounce

The carnival rides are one thing. But for a complete package, it’s a good move to add the other features of a good carnival.

Adding a moon bounce to your party is sure to be a hit. Children and adults of all ages will have the time of their lives on a bounce castle, obstacle course, or even a bungee run.

Other Carnival Rentals

Want a dunk tank to give everyone a chance to get the boss or birthday guy/girl wet? They are available for your next event as well. How about tents, tables, chairs, and generators? They are available too.

The list of carnival and bounce items at Zip and Bounce is endless. All of your needs can be met in one place.

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